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I know the spanking will hurt but I need it, heck I want it, and want my Mum to do it.” Amber went off to do some photo copying and Nina asked Hannah in a furious tone, “How did that happen? The little horror ratted on us to Christine and she’s the reason I got spanked.” Hannah replied, “She apologised Nina. Free 1 on 1 webcam. She thought Christine will give her a pay rise because she helped her, but she didn’t. Sex family of mom masturbations masturbation. Christine didn’t even say thank you and now she is getting promoted she allocated Amber to someone else and said she needed a more senior assistant.”
“Serves the little sneak right.” Nina was still annoyed.
“It will be different if she comes in tomorrow with a sore bottom.” “Maybe,” Nina conceded, and then continued, “It’s quite funny really, Amber also being spanked by her Mum, so that will make three of us.”
Hannah explained, “Actually, it was Christine who first threatened to spank her.” “What for?” Nina was incredulous. “Christine is a real strong anti-smoker, and she is the one who saw Amber smoking and told her if she were her daughter she would get a jolly hard spanking.

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