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Looking into each others eyes, something clicked. We both slowly lowered our hands. Free webcam women. I'm not sure what overcame me, but I slowly leaned in and kissed her. It was odd, I have never kissed a guy, not even my ex-boyfriend and I felt the connection with him; but with Mia it was different. I was loving it, until I realized exactly what I was doing.
I quickly pulled away from her and put my hands to my face. "Oh god! I'm sorry Mia! I didn't mean... Free xxx live webcam south africa. I ... well... Free webcam germany. I did mean to! But I shouldn't have... Oh god! I should go!" I stood up and walked towards her door to leave.
Before I could comprehend what was happening she grabbed my wrist and turned me around, kissing me deeply. Free webcam strip archive. I tried to pull away. As my mind said no, my body said YES, so instead of pulling away I put my hand on her cheek, returning the kiss. I'm not sure how much time passed, but when she pulled away I was breathing heavily, my pussy was on fire and drenching my panties, my sensitive nipples were poking through my shirt. "What was that...?" I said almost inaudible.

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