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Then I steeled my will and closed the picture. It only took me a moment to click my way into the travel reports. I quickly opened one from Bruce and scrolled down to show John the customer names and what had been discussed.
John directed me into the engineering files, and he quickly had me open Bruce's daily task logs. Teen online sex vladmodels video. They certainly looked real enough.
I had a moment of panicked doubt. There was no way that Bruce could have been faking those logs without John's help. Looking to sex and massage a fox creek ass. Bruce wasn't even on my list of suspects, but if the two of them were in it together, I would never be able to prove either of them guilty.
"Bruce could never have passed those expense reports through without help," John said, reflecting the opposite of my thoughts. "Who is responsible for logging them into the system?" I had to turn and kiss him again as my faith in trusting him was restored.

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