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What he found broke his heart.” “In a fit of grief and rage, Prentas killed every one of the attacking forces. Free sex no regester. Paladins, clerics, knights and even squires, anyone who had anything to do with the army died in less than a minute. Watch sex and the city show online. Seeing his work there done he used his teleportation magic to go back to the Montar city.” “Uh-oh…”
“Uh-oh is right, unfortunately, I can’t tell you what happened after that,” said Ikuno cryptically. Kal was indignant, “What! Why not! That’s just cruel Ikuno!” The oni smirked then laughed, “Sorry, Kal, but I can’t tell you because no one knows.”
“How can no one know?” he asked confused, “it was the largest city in the land!” “You are correct it ‘was’ the largest city,” she said enjoying teasing the boy, “if you go there today all you will find is a lake that is an almost perfect circle known as Lake Montar.” “Nooo… he destroyed the entire city?” Kal asked in barely above a whisper. “He did, though no one knows quite how since there were no survivors. Free sex mobile chat. When he returned to his tower he locked himself inside and didn’t come out for a full year.

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