Become a webcam model.

Become a webcam model.
I looked at Alex and he reluctantly obliged and gave me such a lustful look that I almost didn’t want Mia to leave as I chuckled to myself.
I helped Mia get dressed as I slid her underwear back on and kissed her all around her ass and thighs as I helped her put her shorts on over that luscious ass and I just had to bite it as she bent down and put her shoes on. I put her bra on but not before sucking her breasts over and over and biting her nipples. As I pulled her shirt over her she played with my clit as I glanced to the bathroom door to make sure it was still closed. We continued to fondle each other and I slipped on a long t-shirt as she continued to suck my breasts.
I felt so naughty knowing Alex was in the next room and I was enjoying Mia to the fullest without him. We continued to kiss quietly as I continued to grab her ass. Her tight shorts turned me on so much I wanted to tear them off of her. She started to lead me back to my bed and I whispered “No Mia…I cant, wait” “Yes you can” she whispered as she pushed my head in between her legs and my mouth started to suck her pussy almost instantly.

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