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He was obviously enjoying the show but Sarah just wouldn't have it. "Get over her and start licking your girlfriend's ass, look at it stuck up in the air, she's just begging to be fucked" Mark scrambled over and knelt behind Ellie, he leaned over and pulled her thong aside so he could lick her ass. Sexy milf handjob. Sarah absolutely loved it, she had this couple completely under her control already and she had so much more she could do with the two of them.
She felt herself get nearer and nearer to cumming as she got lost in her thoughts and Ellie worked her magic. Sexy milf porn sites. As she neared the edge she grabbed Ellie's hair and pulled her towards her pussy, pushing it onto her face. Free milf picture sex. She moaned crazily as she came, pushing her cunt into Ellie’s face, covering her in her juices. Milf sexy boots. It felt amazing, after what seemed like forever Sarah felt herself relax and fall back into the chair
"Ellie, get me some wine" Ellie got Sarah's glass and passed it to her before sitting down next to her, Mark just kneeled on the floor he knew better than to move without permission now.

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