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Rael began to circle her. He was full of wariness, and uncertainty, on the edge of snapping into an animal rage at any moment. He was lost in this primal aspect of himself. Chat sex girls. He was fearsome, and spent. Depleted beyond all reason, and supremely dangerous.
“You are Rael,” she told him, keeping her voice even and calm, almost soothing, but with an undercurrent of strength. Weakness would do her no favors here. “My Rael. You are my Master. Sex chat operator. My Lord. My love. My man. My warrior and my protector. Lena209 free chat with sexgirls. My kind, comforting strength. My stoic guide and teacher.
“You are a Knight of The Dale,” she went on, her words a steady, soothing stream. No acount sex chat rooms. She wound her words into a cocoon, wrapping them around the almost feral Nobleman, letting her words form a foundation for him to hang his identity upon. “You are a man of swords and leather and steel, pens and books and ink. You are a man of learning and intelligence. A soldier, and a leader of men. You are a man of violence, and of reason, and of love.” Rael had stopped circling her, then.

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