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The skirt, which fitted me to perfection, was several inches shorter and tighter, in spite of a deliciously provocative vent in the back, than anything I had ever worn, or dared to. Free 1 on 1 sex video chat no sign up. I realised that the length of the skirt meant that there were only a few dangerous inches between the hemline and the lace tops of my stockings. I also realised that these few inches were undermined precariously at the back by the vent in the skirt.
“How does the skirt fit, Miss Richardson?” Sophie asked.
“Perfectly,” I said, still gazing intently into my reflection, turning every now and then to try to get a different angle. Free private sex chat. I brushed my hands down the material, which felt soft and outrageously expensive.
“If I may say so, you look fabulous.” She turned to Veronica. “Don’t you think so, Miss Hamilton?” I turned to look at Veronica too. Sex vedio free onlinechat. She was still caressing her lower lip with her finger, and her eyes were dark once more, as they had been in the wine bar during our first meeting. “I agree, Sophie,” said Veronica, bending forward slightly in her chair and picking up a box that was on the floor beside it.

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