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I kissed her tender lips, and smiled at the woman I loved. In a small voice, she said, "I was so afraid to tell you, I was sure you would be upset and angry." I brushed her hair away from her face. "Lexi, I couldn't be happier. You are giving me the greatest gift I could ask for. Support Lush Stories
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She hugged me tightly. Free sex local women epsom wv. After a few minutes, she got up and went into the kitchen. "I'll call you in a minute, Daddy. Watch movie sex free online. We should eat and talk." Dinner was quiet. I think both of us were lost in our own thoughts. I did as much as I could to reassure her things were going to work out, but I could tell she was still quite upset. Free sex movies orgies porn. I was upset too, but with myself, for having such a selfish initial response. I was certain she saw that in me. A touch here, a kiss there, and a lot of reassurance was what was needed. Free chat with sexgirls. After dinner, we had a quiet evening, discussing what was happening. It was an emotional few hours, alternating between smiles and a few tears.

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